who we are

We are the expert team of hyconcorp.com through which we can review the Tools and Machinery content and give it to the customer in the form of a blog.

Previously we were one of the EDM resellers. We have a network of over 30,000 EDM users, with whom we communicate on a quarterly basis. Only in Taino does our organization provides EDM equipment installation, training, application support, reconditioning, financing, equipment evaluation, auction, broker, and consignment services.

We then only review the Tools and Machinery content required for the customers and publish them on our site hyconcorp.com.

We’ve worked hard to bring you the most interesting, useful information and product reviews on the web. We are a team of writers, editors, and developers who are directly involved with Tools and Machinery and love to share what we get with everyone.

You can definitely get a good idea about Tools and Machinery by visiting our web.